Paths: Experimental Performances (rehearsal), 2015 By Yong Davy and Eugene Kogan

Over a period of three weeks, contemporary dancer and choreographer Yon Davy worked with artist and programmer Eugene Kogan at an experimental workshop at Sa Sa Art Projects, examining an intersection of dance, sound and interactive projection.

Using the White Building as both their site of exploration and stage of performance, the artists consider some of the challenges and concerns the neighborhood is currently facing. Maneuvering through time and space, history and memory are explored in tandem with envisioning paths for future possibility.

Artist from Amrita Performing Arts and a resident of the White Building, Davy also engaged with some young students and residents from the neighborhood in the workshop. The final public event “Paths: Experimental Performances” occupied and turned the street of the White Building into an immersive performance, and finished with a playful installation open to the audience to experiment with live interactive light projection.

Participating artists: Yon Davy, Eugene Kogan, Chon Srey Roth, Nhok Sophy, Mok Sombo