Bonn Phum - The Village Festival

A landmark event at the White Building organised by Sa Sa Art Projects, Big Stories Co., Aziza School and a number of the White Building residents.

Bonn Phum sought to foster and share artistic and creative knowledge produced in the vibrant White Building community, in the heart of Phnom Penh. Bonn Phum was a series of art exhibitions, film screenings, public installations and events throughout the White Building neighbourhood - mostly created by the community and for the community. A community archive and library were also opened and the online archive launched as part of the event.

Bonn Phum was a celebration of the White Building as an active and creative community through transformation of the parts of the Building into a  series of collaborative, creative public spaces that engages with both the White Building and Phnom Penh residents. 

Bonn Phum drew on new and past collaborations of the White Building residents with Cambodian and international artists. The event was the largest creative intervention staged in the White Building to date, featuring a retrospective of works created since 2008. Featured on this site are some of the films and photo essays created as part of the White Building's Bonn Phum.